the Course

Course Layout

The golf course at Maritzburg Golf Club is 18-holes and par 72. The course length from the back tees is 5987 metres with the first nine 2885 metres and the back nine slightly longer with 3102 metres. The fairways are generous in width and the rough is not punishing, the greens are usually receptive and putt smoothly with subtle breaks on some. A meandering stream is a feature of the second nine which crosses holes 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17. You will find that the layout of the second nine is absolutely outstanding.

You will enjoy your game at MGC because the course, whilst challenging, is not difficult and local knowledge is not essential. The course is relatively flat, there are no blind holes or hidden horrors. The golf course is suitable for players of all handicaps including beginners. There is an electrified out of bounds fence on the perimeter of the course. Carts are available for hire.

Maritzburg Golf Club is a friendly club so after your round, you are welcome to come and join us for a well earned refreshment in the club-house.

Hole 1

A slight dog-leg left par 5, which, for the longer hitter is reachable in two shots. A dam is on the right that only affects the second shot. Stroke 17 indicates that it is the easiest of the par 5’s. Bunkers are on the left and the right of the green.

Hole 2

A par 4 that plays longer than its 380 metres due to the uphill gradient which isn’t so apparent to the visitor. There are dams on both the left and the right although the right dam is not in play unless a severe slice is played off the tee. The dam on the left, however, is in play to most golfers so it’s advisable to play the hole according to the shape of the fairway. Front bunkers protect the sloping green on the left and the right. A score of 4 is an excellent result at this hole.

Hole 3

A par 3 that demands an accurate tee shot. The most difficult of the par 3’s, that has a water hazard along the full length of the hole to the left. There is a drainage ditch that surrounds the green but isn’t in play unless too much club is played. Bunkers are on the left and right of the green that has a similar slope to the second hole.

Hole 4

A par 5 that is an interesting hole and it offers something for everyone. For the average player it’s a comfortable 3 shotter to reach the green. A long straight drive will invite the longer hitter to have a go at the green although the dam in front of the green may make him think otherwise. A straight second shot is necessary in laying up short of the dam with trees on the left and a penalty area on the right. The approach, with a short iron, should be easy for the third shot to the green which has a solitary bunker on the right.

Hole 5

Par 3, with two front bunkers and another back right of the green. A seemingly easy hole but all golfers are pleased to walk away with a par.

Hole 6

A short straight par 4 that requires a tee shot that avoids the left hand side. The green has two front bunkers either side of a green that slopes from back to front.

Hole 7

A short par 5 which is slightly uphill that has a fairway sloping left to right. It requires two good shots to make the green. There is a bunker and a dam on the right of the green so approach shots to favour the left of the green.

Hole 8

This is the shortest of the 5 Par 3’s and requires a key shot favouring the left half of the
green. The front right of the green is guarded a large bunker and a bunker on the left of the
green. This is a good birdie hole!

Hole 9

A straightforward par 4 hole which should not pose too many problems although a grass bunker and a sand bunker on the left of the fairway are placed to catch an errant drive. There is single bunker adjacent to the green on the left.

Hole 10

The tee is next to the club-house on this down-hill gradual dog-leg left par 4 hole that has an out-of-bounds fence along the left of the fairway. Mature trees along the right of the fairway means that the tee shot is of paramount importance. There is a solitary bunker on the left of the flat green.

Hole 11

After crossing the road, the 11th is the longest of the par4s. A dog-leg left with trees on the left and right requires a good tee shot to a fairway with little run. To hit a draw will be an advantage. Many golfers choose to lay up here short of the stream which crosses the fairway 35 metres short of the green. Should your tee shot be of sufficient length, a demanding second shot is needed with only one bunker on the left of the green that has the shape of an upturned saucer.

Hole 12

It’s an understatement to describe this par 5 as interesting. One must take care to position the tee shot on the fairway. A slice to the right will find the meandering stream and an out-of-bounds fence is on the left. Having negotiated the tee shot successfully, the left-hand side of the fairway needs to be favoured for the second shot over the stream. This will leave a straightforward pitch to the green for a safe par 5 providing the green-side bunkers both left and right are avoided.

Hole 13

This hole runs parallel to the 11th hole and is a similar hole except that it is 40 metres shorter. A straight par 4 with a generously wide fairway with a second shot that needs to cross the stream at its widest point.

Hole 14

This par 3 is the 4th consecutive hole that crosses the stream. There is one thing that a golfer must not do on this hole and that is, ‘don’t hit the tee shot left’. There is a penalty area halfway to the green in front as well as to the left. The bunker seems incidental in comparison. In theory it’s a simple hole providing your tee shot is straight.

Hole 15

A truly beautiful hole from the back tee-box. It’s reachable in two with the tee shot carrying a dam. There are trees on the left and trouble on the right, if you are going for the green with a long club, keep it straight. Not a difficult hole if one is careful and plays it to arrive at the green in regulation.

Hole 16

This hole is a straight par 4 and has another fairly wide fairway. It shouldn’t  pose too many problems . One bunker on the right is all that protects the green. This is a potential birdie hole for golfers of all handicaps.

Hole 17

MGC members believe this par 3 to be one of the best in KZN. A challenging tee shot which must not be hit to the right of the green. There is a narrow stream there as well as out-of-bounds further right. Two front bunkers will catch a shot that is short so the objective is to be left and on the back of the green. Three is a good score.

Hole 18

A brilliant finishing hole for match-play or a tournament. A good drive will allow a view of the green otherwise only the flag-stick will be seen. A small green with one back bunker and one on the left makes the second shot tight. Avoid hitting the ball left of the green.

Yardage & Slope Stats



72.5 Rating

140 Slope



71.5 Rating

139 Slope



78.2 Rating

140 Slope



77.5 Rating

137 Slope



64.3 Rating

135 Slope



63.8 Rating

130 Slope



62.2 Rating

125 Slope



61.7 Rating

120 Slope